Luxury sex machines Ibis Eros
Luxury fucking machines Ibis Eros

Live experience sex machines Ibis Ebos
Luxury Sex Machines for High-end Clients
We present IBIS, a brand new sex machine, which is different from the others at first glance, creating a new segment for the most demanding clients. This fucking machine brings a totally new concept in shape and design combined with luxury. It allows use by up to two female users at the same time. The f-machine is designed primarily for women whose husbands have a high workload or travel on business, and who want to let their significant others enjoy gratification even when they are not available. Furthermore, it is intended for single women or companions demanding a luxurious design, comfort, convenience and the highest level of pleasure.
The electronic tilting system enables a comfortable positioning of the bed angle as well as that of penetration. Operation is carried out by remote controllers. The motor type used is very quiet and currently represents the most modern technological advancement in the field of drive engineering. Unlike competing motors, our solution allows a wide variability of programs.